Hello…my name is H. Richard Phelan and I am a budding newbie author.  It has taken me over ten years but I am close to the finish line which is the publication of my Techno-Thriller novel called KNOCKDOWN.  I have the Love of My Live, Janet Nicholson, my wonderful daughter, Kelly Moutsatsos, and my new, close friend in writing and publication technology–Cheryl Morris…All of these are reviewing, proof reading, and copy editing the current manuscript of KNOCKDOWN.

They and I and all of us should finish our work in about 2 to 3 weeks.  Then the manuscript will go to CreatSpace-the best publisher around for Self Publishers (they belong to Amazon).

What an exciting time that will be when KNOCKDOWN finally gets published!!!!

It will appear both as an ebook and also as a hard copy about the same time.

I really hope that all of you readers of this buy a KNOCKDOWN book and are wonderfully happy with the content and amazing technologies in KNOCKDOWN.

KNOCKDOWN has in it love, life, death, sex,a good guy Tommy Shannon, a great. beaitiful woman named Evie, and a bad guy named Mack.  They all struggle throughout the story of KNOCKDOWN and their struggle cominates with a surprising, unbelievable ending that sets the stage for the coming KNOCKDOWN Trilogy.

I truly hope that you get and buy a copy of KNOCKDOWN and are wonderfully entertained by it….

I think that you will believe that your investment in KNOCKDOWN will be money well spent!!

H. Richard (Richie) Phelan–Rockledge, Florida…..June 23, 2015—10:11 am


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